Blakey & Agnew, LLC is a public affairs and communications consulting firm based in Washington, DC. With more than 80 years combined experience in both the public and private sectors, the Blakey & Agnew staff has distinguished themselves by using their insights into the issues, institutions and personalities of our nation’s capital to promote our clients’ interests.

Our firm is known for delivering creative, customized communications strategies – we invest the time to understand our clients, their goals and their businesses. That knowledge, combined with the experience and expertise of our staff, becomes the foundation of a product carefully crafted by one of our firm’s principal partners.

Why Us

Knowledge of a client, their business and their industry is key to creating personalized communications strategies. At Blakey & Agnew, we form a team with our clients, adapting to their working styles and budgets. With every client, we work diligently to ensure confidence of our commitment to their work and our dedication in helping them achieve their objectives. Long-term client relationships are a trademark of our firm.

Blakey & Agnew maintains highly cooperative relationships with some of the finest professionals in our arena. We build the right team for each client’s particular needs. To provide the very best and brightest talent, we regularly enlist highly skilled professionals of varied backgrounds, such as media buying, polling, writing and producing, design, and research to support our clients.

We also maintain strategic alliances with larger firms and call upon their staff and specialized expertise, when required. As a result, we operate with a lower overhead than most firms, creating savings that are relayed to those we serve.

We understand what makes our government work. We offer sound counsel and experienced representation in negotiating the complex public policy process and reaching those with influence. Clients across the U.S. who understand the need to penetrate the Washington power and policy- making base find our services extremely valuable.

Blakey & Agnew makes a point of taking on projects that assist both the public and private sectors. With our experience in government and industry, we work smoothly and effectively in both worlds. The work we do often helps to forge lasting partnerships between the two.

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