Public Affairs

With hands-on experience in public policy development and national public affairs campaigns, we excel at successfully positioning our clients on issues affecting their companies and industries. We also help in areas critical to building government relations and public support, such as developing coalitions, identifying third-party experts and leveraging grass-roots interests.
    • Regulatory Affairs: Blakey & Agnew offers analysis of the political and regulatory climate in Washington regarding a client’s issues. We can position issues with the media and key players, and offer on-going issue tracking.
    • International Affairs: Blakey & Agnew has a history of working with international companies regarding legislative issues. We understand the difficulties in communicating to a foreign audience and are able to bridge those cultural gaps for our clients.
    • Association Management: Blakey & Agnew has experience establishing and managing associations that focus media and political attention on important issues. This includes both grassroots and top-down organizations. We currently are coordinating for:
    • Lobbying Support: The messaging, materials and communications strategies created by Blakey & Agnew are often targeted to support lobbying efforts and help achieve legislative goals. We have a long history of partnering with lobbying firms in campaign design to ensure concise and effective messages. We often develop our collateral materials for legislative audiences and assist in testimony and event planning on Capital Hill.
    • Issue Research: As the need demands, Blakey & Agnew will search out a full and objective body of information from a wider array of sources that provides a sound knowledge base to mount a credible defense of a client’s issue. Depending on the situation, we may also engage in surveys or polling to support the issue.