Public Relations

Public relations is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and a wider audience. A strong public relations campaign can help your organization increase awareness and name recognition, generate sales, and build credibility. Blakey & Agnew has demonstrated success in planning and implementing campaigns to help the public better understand a client and their products or issues. The tools we use include:
  • Media Relations: Establishing, cultivating, and maintaining constant, positive relationships with targeted media are critical to good public relations. Blakey & Agnew maintains a strong relationship with the press that has resulted in extensive media coverage on a number of key issues. Media audits and tracking can determine where the most effort should be spent.
  • Editorial Influence: Blakey & Agnew excels at crafting and implementing campaigns designed to affect the editorial positioning and coverage of an issue. We often draft and place opinion-editorials and arrange editorial board meetings to raise awareness and gain support for particular issues. We also determine appropriate influencers who can validate a key message and work to place supporting editorial opinion
  • Event Planning: Communications campaigns often involve events that highlight the issues, and/or the players. With years of expertise in planning and executing events — from press conferences to multiday meetings, Blakey & Agnew can add this component to the communications mix.
  • Writing/Editing: Blakey & Agnew has extensive experience writing speeches, talking points and technical white papers to assist in presentations to both expert panels and the general public. Fact sheets to hone in on key messages, and media materials are developed for issue-oriented campaigns.
  • Publications: For clients whose needs include regular communication with a constituency, Blakey & Agnew writes and disseminates newsletters and online alerts. Our published materials range from tri-fold brochures to book-length manuscripts.
  • Social Media: We excel at crafting tailor-made social media content. Our team understands that social media is constantly evolving, so we stay current on the latest platforms and trends. We have the skills, the knowledge, and the manpower to manage and grow your social media accounts to ensure that you reach the broadest audience possible.