Strategic Development

A successful business plan is not complete without a strong communications component. With a coordinated strategy, we can help drive home the key messages important to your organization.
  • Strategic Communications Planning: In concert with the client, we start by crafting a plan to meet a client’s specific goals and objectives, and then we work the plan. This focused effort maximizes success and minimizes costs. We regularly evaluate our success and re-define our specific objectives, so we keep on course for maximum effect.
  • Marketing: Blakey & Agnew can help create initiatives to support sales and enhance corporate image. From logo and brand development to marketing strategies and materials aimed at penetrating key audiences, our staff has experience in selling products, services and ideas.
  • Crisis Communications: Turning the unexpected into an asset is the goal we seek when the unforeseen occurs. Although an immediate, favorable outcome is not always possible, we have found effective communications in a crisis mitigates damage and positions the organization to move forward. By responding quickly with real-time assistance as well as strategic planning and training, we maximize our clients’ security when the crisis occurs and beyond.
  • Litigation Communications Support: Litigators often depend on a strong public relations campaign to aid their case. Blakey & Agnew has experience developing and implementing communications strategies that help focus the issues for a client and create a climate for a successful outcome.
  • Advisory Board Formation & Management